0 So You Want To Have A Baby?

So You Want To Have A Baby?

Whether you're considering trying to get pregnant for the first time, or you have been trying to conceive for a while without success, it is a good idea to review some tips that can increase your likelihood of conceiving. Besides helping you conceive, many of these tips, such as getting the right nutrients and reaching a healthy weight, also help set the stage for a successful pregnancy.
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs

While most people know that indulging in alcohol, cigarettes, or certain drugs can have negative effects on your unborn baby during pregnancy, fewer people are aware that these substances can negatively affect your ability to become pregnant.

When it comes to alcohol, there is some evidence that even moderate drinking can make it harder for women to get pregnant and for men to get their partner pregnant. The exact mechanisms are behind this effect are unclear, but it is thought that alcohol may impair a woman's hormonal balance and that its dehydrating effects could potentially make the cervical mucus too thick for conception.

Studies have also consistently shown the negative effects of smoking cigarettes on both male and female fertility, potentially increasing the time it takes to get pregnant because of egg damage and sperm depletion.

Finally, according to Harvard Health Publications, so-called "social" drugs like marijuana and cocaine may also harm fertility in men by making sperm less motile and reducing sperm count. Women should also avoid marijuana when trying to get pregnant, as some lab studies show that sperm exposed to THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in vaginal fluids may also be rendered less potent.

Getting rid of your smoking habit or penchant for partying before you get pregnant will also help prepare you for pregnancy itself, during which cigarettes, alcohol, and other fun substances are strictly off limits.
Get in shape

Research has shown that women who engage in regular, moderate or vigorous exercise are able to get pregnant sooner than more sedentary women. Health authorities recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day for healthy women trying to conceive or up to 60 minutes a day if you are overweight.

Exercise is also important for reaching a healthy weight, and people who are at a healthy weight have an easier time conceiving than those who are overweight or obese. Overweight women produce more androgens, insulin, and estrogen, all of which can impair ovulation and egg quality. Studies show that losing just five percent of your bodyweight can help improve ovulatory function if you are overweight. However, this doesn't mean you should lose too much weight – underweight women also have problems conceiving because they are less likely to ovulate.

This tip doesn't only apply to women; overweight and underweight men may also have impaired fertility due to problems with sperm quality. Thus, it might be wise for both partners to start a pre-conception workout program together to gain healthy muscle and lose any excess fat.

Once you're pregnant, you should continue on a modified exercise plan, per your physician's recommendations.
Track your ovulation

Timing is important when trying to conceive, and if you're not having sex around the time of ovulation, conception will be difficult, if not impossible. Thus, in addition to having more sex in general, it is a smart idea to try to figure out when you are ovulating so you'll know when your most fertile time is. There are a few ways to do this:

Get an ovulation kit: Sold at drugstores everywhere, these simple kits are used to measure the presence of luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine; LH levels surge about three days before you ovulate. However, some kits are more sensitive than others, meaning that some products can detect an LH surge days before others can.

Track your basal body temperature: Basal body temperature typically drops by about half a degree 24 hours before ovulation and increases by about the same amount after ovulation. However, you might not want to use this method by itself, since your body temperature can be thrown off by other things, such as illness. You can buy a basal body temperature thermometer in drugstores or online.

Listen to your body: Certain bodily changes take place around the time of ovulation. Many of them, including breast soreness, cramps, and moodiness, are commonly recognized as premenstrual symptoms. Cervical mucus also changes around the time of ovulation, becoming, clear, wet, and slippery – some describe the texture as being like "raw egg whites."

There's an app for that: Various websites, computer applications, and even smartphone apps can help you chart your ovulation based on the length of your menstruation cycle. For those with a regular 28-day cycle, the most fertile days are between day 12 and 16 (with day 1 representing the first day of your period). You can also track days yourself with an old-fashioned calendar. Note that this method is trickier if you have an irregular cycle.

So, you've been able to narrow down your probable ovulation day … now what? Well, don't wait until the actual day of ovulation to start trying – have sex several times in the 2-3 days leading up to ovulation as well.
Take a prenatal vitamin

In addition to providing important nutrients during pregnancy, prenatal multivitamin/mineral supplements also offer nutrients that support fertility. The most important fertility nutrient provided by prenatal vitamins is folate/folic acid (folic acid is the synthetic form of folate found in vitamin supplements). Folic acid, a B-vitamin, is so important to female reproductive health that doctors recommend that all women of reproductive age get 400 mcg to 800 mcg per day – whether you're trying to get pregnant or not. Folate may improve ovulation and protects against birth defects if you do get pregnant. Men also need sufficient levels of folic acid, along with the mineral zinc, to support healthy sperm production.

Other important pre-conception nutrients for women found in typical prenatal vitamins include other B-vitamins, iodine, iron, vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, and zinc.

Omega-3 fatty acids may also boost fertility, though these aren't typically available in prenatal multivitamins and must be obtained through a separate supplement, such as a fish oil supplement.

While all of these nutrients can also be obtained through a healthy diet – with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish – a prenatal vitamin is a good backup policy to make sure you don't have any nutritional gaps in your diet.
Make a pre-conception doctor visit

While not strictly required for someone who is younger than 35 and in good health, a pre-conception visit with your OBGYN is important if you have any chronic health conditions, take any medications, or are 35 or older. Your doctor will perform a check-up and talk to you about managing health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, or any other condition that might make you a candidate for a high-risk pregnancy. She will also likely want to discuss your family health history, lifestyle, reproductive history, vaccinations, weight, and other factors that can affect fertility and pregnancy outcomes. This is also a good time to ask your doctor about any concerns you might have about your health or pregnancy risks. Depending on your situation, your doctor may conduct lab tests to rule out diseases like hepatitis C, HIV, and others.
Avoid these things:

Hot tubs or saunas (males only) – Scrotal exposure to high heat, such as that in hot tubs, saunas, or even long showers, can impair the number and function of sperm, leading to decreased fertility.

Artificial lubricants – Even non-spermicidal lubricants sold over-the-counter have ingredients that are hostile to sperm, potentially making you less likely to conceive if you use them.

Douches – Douches are linked to decreased fertility, with one study showing that women who douched were 30 percent less likely to conceive in a given month than women who didn't douche.

Excessive caffeine – According to the American Pregnancy Association, research shows daily caffeine doses exceeding 200 to 300 mg may decrease fertility by 27 percent.

Toxic substances – This category includes many synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, metals such as lead and mercury, and other toxic substances you may be exposed to at work or in the home. The CDC provides this brochure on protecting yourself and your family from toxic substances.
Stop trying so hard

This one may seem to stand in opposition to the idea of this article itself, but it is nevertheless true. Sometimes, couples can get so caught up in trying to do everything right to get pregnant that they can bring added stress to their lives, and this stress itself can actually make it more difficult to get pregnant. According to WebMD, stress, including that caused by "trying too hard," may account for as many as 30 percent of infertility problems. On the bright side, this means that stressed individuals can increase their odds of conceiving by employing stress-reduction techniques.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is one technique that is effective in reducing the stress that can harm fertility. One Harvard University Medical School study found that group therapy more than doubled the rates of conception for women who previously had difficulty getting pregnant. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation can also help you reduce stress.

Another thing to keep in mind is that being overly strict about only having sex during ovulation can increase stress in both partners and even decrease your odds of conception if you are not correct in your calculation of when you're ovulating. Instead, it might be better to have sex on a more regular, natural basis — as long as you have sex 2-3 times per week, you are likely to hit your ovulation window eventually.

Finally, it may be helpful to remember that healthy, fertile couples have about a 20 percent chance of conceiving each month when having regular, unprotected sex. This means that is completely normal for it take up to a year to get pregnant. If you've been trying for longer than a year, it is a recommended that you see a fertility counselor who can help you determine why you're not getting pregnant and what you can do to increase your odds.

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0 9 Best Big Screen Comebacks of All Time” plus 1 more

“9 Best Big Screen Comebacks of All Time” plus 1 more


9 Best Big Screen Comebacks of All Time

The Last Stand opened on Jan. 18, bringing back to the Big Screen the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While we'll withhold judgment on whether Arnold should be considered for comeback of the year until we see if we're dealing with another True Lies or a Commando, we do find this to be an appropriate time to weigh in on some other second chances. Without further ado, Life'd gives you the 9 Best Big Screen Comebacks of All Time.

9. Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children
Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children

Starting Point: Child actor Jackie Earle Haley got his start doing voice work in "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home," a short-lived 1972 cartoon about a conservative dad, who is constantly going Archie Bunker on his changing family (though not quite to the extreme of Bunker – after all, it is a cartoon). His most famous role after that was Kelly Leak in two Bad News Bears films and then a turn as Moocher in Breaking Away (1979).

Why It's a Comeback: Haley dropped out of Hollywood completely in 1993. Thirteen years later he returned as registered sex offender Ronnie J. McGorvey in Little Children, an intense critically acclaimed drama from 2006. From there, he's starred as Rorschach in Watchmen and as the replacement Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

8. The Three Stooges in The Three Stooges
the three stooges

Starting Point: Moses (Moe) and Samuel (Shemp) Horwitz joined Larry Fine on vaudeville in the early 20th Century as "Ted Healy's Stooges." As motion pictures continued to develop, Shemp broke free from the act, brother Jerome (Curly) joined the crew, and the boys dropped Healy. After Curly's retirement, Shemp rejoined the act. Moe kept it all together even after his brothers were dead, bringing aboard Joe Besser, Curly Joe DeRita, and Emil Sitka (after Larry's death), though the latter never did more than a publicity shot.

Why It's a Comeback: In 2012, the Farrelly Brothers brought this revolving door of comedians back to life in a feature film starring Will Sasso (as Curly), Chris Diamontopolous (as Moe) and Sean Hayes (as Larry). Resemblances in both looks and mannerisms are uncanny, and most critics, audience members, and Stooge-o-philes loved it.

7. Sidney Poitier in Shoot to Kill

Sidney Poitier in Shoot to Kill

Starting Point: Sidney Poitier was one of the biggest movie stars of the 1960s. Known mainly for his performances in Lilies of the Field and In the Heat of the Night, Poitier quit acting in 1977 after starring in A Piece of the Action with frequent collaborator Bill Cosby.

Why It's a Comeback: Eleven years went by before Poitier would ever act again, but in 1988, he starred as FBI agent Warren Stantin in the superior cop-versus-killer thriller Shoot to Kill—one of our favorite films of the 1980s. From there, he enjoyed an 11-film resurgence that teamed him with stars like Robert Redford, Richard Gere, and Bruce Willis. 

6. Robert Downey, Jr. in  Iron Man
Robert Downey, Jr. in  Iron Man

Starting Point: Downey, Jr., started out as a five-year old in his father's fantasy film Pound. He achieved his first taste of the spotlight in Weird Science (1985) and became a bit of a teen idol with films like Back to School (1986) and Less Than Zero (1987).  

Why It's a Comeback: Downey, Jr., never really stopped acting throughout his career. He just sort of languished on the B-List in spite of having huge amounts of screen charisma as seen in his brilliant performance as Charlie Chaplin in 1992's bio-pic. Drugs held him back for much of his career, but in 2008, he starred as Tony Stark in the smash-hit Iron Man, and catapulted onto the A-List, where he was destined as a teen and young adult.

5. John Travolta in Pulp Fiction
John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

Starting Point: Travolta made his biggest early impact in TV, but achieved superstardom with the disco-era hit Saturday Night Fever in 1977. After that it was the musical smash Grease (1978), the unintentionally hilarious-but-still-awesome Urban Cowboy (1980), and Brian DePalma's Hitchcock homage Blow Out (1981).

Why It's a Comeback: Travolta stayed busy after Blow Out, but his stock had fallen from a meteoric rise. A series of bad film choices like Perfect (1985) were mostly to blame. After Quentin Tarantino cast him as hitman Vinnie Vega in 1994's Pulp Fiction, it was like 1970s Travolta had been resurrected. Travolta had a good run after that until 2000 when he decided to do Battlefield Earth proving even feel-good comebacks can have sad endings.

4. Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa
Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa

Starting Point: Stallone, if he's perfectly honest with you, will probably admit he wishes The Party at Kitty and Stud's, his odd pornographic film from 1970, had never happened. Six years later, he released Rocky and shot to the top of the A-List. Thus, the only reason we know TPAKAS exists.

Why It's a Comeback: The Rocky series popularized the sequel and was an enormous global success. To this day, they are some of the most beloved movies of all time. In 2006, Stallone hadn't starred in a box office success for around nine years. What better time to come back to his most popular character and give him a truly fantastic sendoff?  Since then, Sly has done the same for Rambo, and has also launched a marginally successful bit of nostalgia in The Expendables I and II.

3. Sergio Leone  for Once Upon a Time in America
Sergio Leone  for Once Upon a Time in America

Starting Point: Actors shouldn't be the only ones to get the love. Director Sergio Leone was the true star of his films, and that's saying something considering he worked with Charles Bronson, Robert DeNiro and Clint Eastwood. He also holds a heavy influence over Tarantino. With that said, he didn't make a lot of movies, but just about everything he did make, starting with A Fistful of Dollars (1964), was an absolute masterpiece.

Why It's a Comeback: Leone dropped out of filmmaking with Duck, You Sucker (1971) and didn't return in an official capacity until Once Upon a Time in America 13 years later. The film in its original 3 hours-and-49 minutes form is easily one of the five greatest mob movies ever made and perhaps the best, though it was under-appreciated at the time.

2. Marlon Brando in The Godfather
Marlon Brando in The Godfather 

Starting Point: Brando tasted superstardom twice in his long and illustrious career. The first time was as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).

Why It's a Comeback: Despite his household-name standing for more than 20 years, his role as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather (1972) put him back at the top in a fashion not seen since 1954's On the Waterfront. And as with that previous film, Brando captured the Academy Award for Best Actor.

1. Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler
Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

Starting Point: Rourke started with 1941 (1979) and then moved to the low-budget horror flick Fade to Black one year later, but it wasn't until Body Heat (1981) that critics really started to take notice, comparing him to Brando.

Why It's a Comeback: Rourke had turned in a noteworthy supporting performance in Sin City (2005) prior to The Wrestler, but this was the film that once again showed the world what an incredible actor he is, and that, yes, after all the career turmoil, he can still carry a film and as Bob Dylan once said of him, "break your heart with a look."

Those are our big screen comeback favorites. What are yours? Sound off in the comments section below.
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30 Handy Search Tips for the Google Guru

Google has long since become a synonym for Web search. You don’t search anymore. You Google. But if you’re like most people, you are probably not using Google Search to its full potential. For example, did you know that you can check flight schedules and prices right on the search results page? How about sports scores, movie times and word definitions? The following tips will streamline your search experience, save you valuable time and capture your imagination with new possibilities. Just don’t skip the basics!
Happy Googling… 

Basic Principles

Google Search is based upon a few core principles. Understanding them is key before you move on to the geekier stuff:

1.Keep It Simple

Start your search by typing the name of whatever you’re looking for:
[ cat grooming tips ]
[ broadway musical ]
[ pad thai recipe ].

2.Add Relevant Words

Start with: [ cat ]
More precise: [ cat grooming ]
Even more precise: [ persian cat grooming guide ]
Getting the right results can take several attempts, so be patient!

3.Use Website Terms Rather than Your Own Words

[ depression ] is better than [ why am I feeling so down ]
By typing terms that informative websites would use, Google is more likely to provide the information you want.

4.Use Only the Most Relevant Words

[ cows holy animals ] is better than [ country where cows are holy animals ]
Google uses most of the words you search for to find matching content. Therefore, too many words will limit your results.

5.Punctuation and Symbols
question mark

Google Search ignores punctuation, including @#%^*()=[]\ and other special characters.
[ to be or not to be ] will return the same results as [ to be, or not to be? ].
In some cases though, certain symbols and punctuation can improve search results:
  • Plus sign (+) Used for things like blood type [ O+ ] or for a Google+ page like [ +hootsuite ].
  • At sign (@) Used for finding social tags like [ @nytimes ] or [ @lanadelrey ].
  • Ampersand (&) Used for finding ideas and phrases with a strong connection like [ H&M ] or [ rock & roll ].
  • Percent (%) Used for finding a percent value like [ 20% of 70 ] or [ 5% of .2 ].
  • Dollar sign ($) Indicates prices, so [ kodak 7000 ] and [ kodak $7000 ] don’t return the same result.
  • Hashtag/number sign (#) Used for trending topics indicated by hashtags like [ #socialmedia ].
  • Dash (-) Indicates words with a strong connection like [ seven-year-old boy ] or [ off-white ].
  • Underscore symbol (_) Used for searching two connected words like [ quick_sort ].Results will either show this pair of words linked together (e.g. quicksort) or connected by an underscore (e.g. quick_sort).

surgical  instruments

Using any of the following symbols in your search gives you more control over the results. Most of these operators are also included in the Advanced Search page.

6.Search for an Exact Word or Phrase

[ "search query" ]
This option can help finding a line from literature or song lyrics:
[ "here comes the rain" ]
Use this option only when searching very precise words or phrases as the results will be limited.

7.Exclude a Word

 [ -query ]
  • A dash (-) before a word or site will exclude all results containing that word. This can help distinguish between synonyms like Pink the singer from pink the color:[ pink style -singer ] or [ pink -site:rollingstone.com ].
  • If, however, you want to include common words that Google Search normally ignores, like a and the, you can surround them with quotation marks:[ "the" doors ].

8.Include Similar Words

[ ~query ]
A tilde sign (~) immediately in front of a word will search for that word and for other synonyms:
[ ~fitness ideas ] will also return results for [ exercise ideas ].

9.Search Within a Site or Domain

[ site: query ]
  • Include site: to search for information within a specific website, like all mentions of World Cup on The Guardian:[ world cup site:guardian.co.uk ]
  • You can also search within a specific top-level domain like .com, .org, .es or .ru.:[ world cup site:.org ].

10.Include a Fill in the Blank

[ query * query ]
For any unknown or ‘wildcard’ terms use an asterisk (*) as a placeholder within the query. Using quotations will help find variations of the exact phrase or to remember words in the middle of it:
[ "better * than *" ].

11.Search for Either Word

[ query OR query ]
Use OR (capitalized) between the words to search for pages that may have just one of several words:
[ eurovision 2010 OR 2012 ]
[ "champions league 2012" OR "euro 2012" ].

12.Search for a Number Range

[ number..number ]
  • Separate numbers by two periods (with no spaces) to see results containing numbers in a given range like dates, measurements and prices:[ tv $500..$1000 ]
  • Use only one number with two periods to get the upper maximum or the lower minimum results:[ shoes size ..12 ].

13.Search for Related Content

[ related: ]
Found a website or blog you like? By using the related: operator you can find pages with similar content:
[ related:etsy.com/browse/vintage-category ].

14.Search by File Type

[ filetype: ]
Search for specific types of files like PDFs, PPTs or XLS by adding filetype: and the 3-letter file abbreviation:
[ marathon training filetype:pdf ].


[ define: ]
Get word definitions by typing: define: in front of any word:
[ define:magnanimous ].

Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks will enhance your search experience. But above all, they will save you a lot of time:

16.Don’t Worry About Cases

Google Search isn’t case sensitive.
A search for [ united states ] will return the same results as [ United States ].

17.Practical Information

There’s plenty of information you can get right on the search results page without any extra clicks. Some examples:
  • Number conversions Convert any measurement – like millimeters to inches – by typing the number and the unit of measurement:[ 5 miles to km ].
  • Currency conversions Get current exchange rates by typing: [currency 1] in [currency 2]:[ 5 usd in eur ].
  • Time Get the current time in any city or country by adding the word time to its name:[ time nyc ].
  • Realtime stock quotes Get realtime live stock quotes by typing any ticker symbol into the search box:[ APPL ].
  • Sport scores and schedules Simply type your favorite NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB team or league to get the latest scores and schedules:[ chicago bulls ].
  • Calculations Enter any math equation and let Google do the rest:[ 117*3.14-cos(95)= ].
  • Get movie times Want to know where and when the latest Hollywood hit plays?Type the movie name or just type the word movie to see theater locations and showtimes in your area:[ the hobbit ] or [ movie ].

18.Search by Location

  • Add a zip code to the end of any place search, like italian restaurants and Google will provide you with a list of the nearest places alongside phone numbers, a map and reviews:[ italian restaurants 90210 ].
  • If you’ve chosen to share your location with Google, you don’t need to add the zip code for places near you:[ italian restaurants ].

19.Search for an Address

Get a map of a location by typing the city name or zip code followed by the word map. A click on the map will then open it on Google Maps:[ los angeles map ]
[ 90210 map ].

20.Check Flight Information

  • Going on vacation? Check flight schedules and prices by simply typing: flights to or flights from followed by the relevant city or airport:[ flights from nyc ]
  • View schedule for a specific route by typing: flights from [departure place] to [destination]. For example:[ flights from nyc to paris ]
  • Check live arrival and departure information for US flights by typing the airline name and the flight number:[ delta 6675 ].

Advanced Features

As you get more and more familiar with Google Search, it’s time to move to the next level! As the search giant keeps innovating and developing products, our search experience becomes more complex, more exciting and more complete. Here are some of the latest features every Google guru should know about:

21.Search Settings

Control your search experience when logged into your Google account. Here you can choose how many results per page to display, SafeSearch content filters, location and more.

22.Advanced Search

Instead of wasting time on trial and error searches you can tweak various search parameters and narrow down your results on the Advanced Search page. You can specify exact word or phrase searches, languages, last update, file type and more.

23.Web History

Found an amazing website on Google but you can’t remember the URL? There’s still hope! With Web History you can browse your past searches, get a graphic breakdown of your search activity, trends and more. Web History requires a Google account and will only work for searches you’ve done when signed into the same account.

24.Search Tools


Depending on the kind of search you perform, the Search Tools button will provide you with different options to refine your search. When searching for images, for example, you’ll be able to specify color, size, type and more.


Depending on your search query, the More drop down menu will show different categories to narrow down your search. For example, if you search for cameras the options will include Videos, News, Books and more.


Google’s search features like Spelling Corrections, Synonyms and Personalization are meant to help you. But they can also become a chore when you merely want to search using the exact keywords you typed. Verbatim enables you to do just that!

27.Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is one of Google’s latest search features. It enables you to find new relevant information when performing a search and save time.
  • When searching for a topic you will often see a panel with images, quick reference information and a list of other relevant searches with images:[ van gogh ]
  • Searching for lists of items, like [ museums in paris ] or [ famous pop artists ] will often show an image carousel you can quickly browse.
  • Knowledge Graph also helps you figure out what you want to find when your search query can have more than one meaning:[ presley ]
Knowledge Graph is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

28.Voice Search

Sometimes you need to get quick information but your hands are not free or you have no time to type. Powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph, Voice Search enables you to get answers to any search-related questions:
  • How much is $50 in Euros?
  • How tall is the Empire State Building?
  • When is your flight leaving?
Just click the microphone icon and ask away!
Voice Search works on mobile devices and on computers with a built-in or attached microphone. On phones that have the latest version of Google Search App for Android or iPhone, Voice Search can also speak the answer back to you!

29.Search by Image

If there’s an image you like on your computer or online, you can use it as a starting point for your search. For instance, an image of your favorite band can help you explore similar images and related web pages.
Click on the camera icon in the search box to get started or download the Chrome or the Firefox extension for faster search by any image on the web, simply by right-clicking on it.

30.Search, Plus Your World

  • If you’re not using Google+, maybe now is the time to start! Search, Plus Your World will add a personal touch to your search results. When signed into your Google+ account, your search results will contain relevant tips, photos and posts from your friends alongside web results.
  • According to Google, the results from your friends and Google+ connections are private and no one else can see your content in their results unless you’ve shared it publicly with them.  Personal web results are clearly marked with a  icon. When searching on Google Images, the name of the person who shared the photo will be displayed on personal results.
  • Personal results are not your thing? You can easily toggle to hide them by clicking on the globe icon in the top right of your search results page.
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0 Hot News

The News Tribe

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 03:12 PM PST

Washington: An already bad flu season is causing more havoc across the United States as 29 children have died from influenza, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.
Speaking to media, CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden said, “We expect to see both the number and rates of hospitalization and deaths to rise further.”
CDC said that 30 states had high influenza activity, up from 24 last weeks. More than 5,000 people have been sick enough to be hospitalized.
"Forty-eight states reported widespread geographic influenza activity," CDC said in its weekly influenza report. Widespread activity includes states with moderate and low activity.
Flu is still increasing in some areas, particularly in the West, but overall visits to doctors for flu-like illness appear to be decreasing, Frieden said.
As often happens, the elderly are most at risk. Flu kills anywhere between 3,000 and 49,000 people a year — it varies a lot, the CDC says — and people over 65 are far more likely to die from flu than any other age group. People need to take care to protect the elderly, CDC advised.
Deaths also vary a lot. Last year, 34 children died from flu, but in the 2010-2011 flu season 122 died, and when the H1N1 swine flu pandemic hit in 2009-2010, it killed 282 U.S. children.
The early season has caused a run on flu vaccines, and now some areas report shortages. The good news, the CDC says, is that flu vaccine makers have been able to squeeze out 10 million more doses of the flu vaccine than expected, for a total of 145 million doses. As of the week ending Jan. 11, more than 129 million doses had been distributed.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:48 PM PST
Los Angeles: Lance Armstrong was on Friday urged to make a full confession about the scale and scope of his doping activities, after publicly admitting that his record seven Tour de France wins were fuelled by banned drugs.                                                                                                                                                         
The 41-year-old on Thursday told talk show host Oprah Winfrey in his first interview since being banned for life that his career was a sham and powered by a frightening cocktail of erythropoetin (EPO), blood transfusions and testosterone.
“I made my decisions. They’re my mistake. And I’m sitting here today to acknowledge that and to say I’m sorry for that… I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times,” Armstrong said, describing himself as “flawed”.
His confession stripped bare the legend of the cancer survivor turned champion that inspired millions across the world and made the Texan rider cycling’s first global superstar, popularising the sport beyond its European heartland.

A timeline of events from June 2012 to Lance Armstrong’s admission of doping aired Thursday © AFP/Graphic
The former US Postal Service team leader admitted to Winfrey that the “mythic, perfect story… wasn’t true”, confirming mounting doubts about his performances that came to a head last October in a devastating US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) dossier.
Reaction to his belated confession was swift, with Travis Tygart, the tenacious USADA chief who exposed Armstrong’s lies with damning eyewitness testimony from his former teammates, calling it “a small step in the right direction”.
Yet Tygart was still guarded, as calls persisted for Armstrong to go further than the terse “yes” answers that he gave about which drugs he took to win cycling’s most famous and gruelling race.
“If he is sincere in his desire to correct his past mistakes, he will testify under oath about the full extent of his doping activities,” Tygart said.
Calls for Armstrong to give more detail to the appropriate authorities were echoed across sport, including by the International Olympic Commitee (IOC), who on Thursday stripped him of his bronze medal at the 2000 Games, and the World Anti-Doping Agency.
WADA president John Fahey said Armstrong should appear before an “appropriate tribunal… where he would have to name names, tell of the officials, the entourage, who supplied the drugs, when, where, and which riders were associated”.
The International Cycling Union (UCI), which has been under pressure to say how Armstrong was able to evade detection for so long, called the admissions “disturbing” but said they could yet help lift the spectre of doping that still clouds the sport.
The UCI has been accused of colluding to cover up positive tests but Hein Verbruggen, who was president in the rider’s heyday, claimed the interview showed those claims to be “nothing more than an unsubstantiated theory”.
“Those who accused or suspected us are obviously disappointed. Nothing was ever hidden,” Verbruggen was quoted as saying by the Dutch news agency ANP.
Armstrong confirmed details outlined by USADA such as the existence of the shadowy courier known as “Motoman” who delivered EPO to riders.
 But he took issue with other claims, saying he did not believe the doping program on the US Postal Service team was the biggest in the history of sport and could not compare to the state-sponsored scheme in the former East Germany.
He also denied that the UCI covered up a positive drug test from the 2001 Tour of Switzerland and denied using banned drugs when he returned from retirement and raced in the 2009 and 2010 Tours de France.

Combination shows Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France wins and a 2005 picture showing seven fingers during the 92nd Tour © AFP/File Javier Soriano/Joel Saget/ Franck Fife/Patrick Kovarick/Martin Bureau
Armstrong said he justified his actions in the years that he won the Tour from 1999 to 2005 because doping was then part of the culture of the sport — and he did not believe he could win the race without illegal assistance.
He did not see it as cheating, he said, adding: “I viewed it as a level playing field.”
“All the fault and all the blame here falls on me,” Armstrong said. “Whether it’s fans or whether it’s the media … it just gets going and I lost myself in all that.”
He admitted he bullied people who did not go along with the “narrative” he constructed but denied forcing teammates to dope and was worried when accusations against him by ex-teammate Floyd Landis sparked a US federal criminal probe in 2010. When it ended in 2012 with no charges, Armstrong thought he was “out of the woods”.
Armstrong said he would be happy to play a role in a “truth and reconciliation” period in cycling.
“If they have it and I’m invited, I’ll be the first man in the door,” Armstrong said, while acknowledging that he had ”no moral platform” from which to pursue a clean-up of the sport.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:37 PM PST

Islamabad: Autopsy of a NAB investigation officer Kamran Faisal, who was found dead in his residence, has concluded here on Friday, hospital sources said.
Kamran Faisal was found dead on Friday at his home in the Federal Lodges. Police said that the NAB officer Kamran Faisal committed suicide.
Faisal had been working with Asghar Khan to investigate into a multi-billion Rental Power Plants case against Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. A probe into the incident is under way.
According to the hospital sources, the postmortem of the slain official lasted for two hours and the autopsy report would be handed over to police.
Meanwhile, samples are also sent to laboratory for forensic report which would likely to be obtained in 7 to 10 days.
Final postmortem report would be prepared after receiving forensic report.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:10 PM PST

Mumbai: Another rape incident was reported in India on Friday, with a 35-year-old school bus conductor arrested by police for allegedly sexually assaulting a four-year-old nursery student of a premier Juhu school on a moving school bus.

According to Indian media reports, the crime occurred around 1pm on Tuesday after the bus left the school with more than a dozen nursery students, including several girls. One by one, the other kids were dropped off.
A resident of the western suburbs, the victim was sitting in the front row waiting for her turn, when Rajput threatened her to go with him to the backseat.
As her residence neared, Rajput warned the child of dire consequences if she spoke about the incident to anyone.
Vile Parle resident Ramesh Rajput committed the crime on the young girl on Tuesday afternoon when the bus was dropping children home, police officials said.
Police arrested Rajput on Thursday and booked him for rape and molestation under the Indian Penal Code and invoked several sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012.
He was produced before the Andheri magistrate court on Friday and remanded in police custody till February 1. Meanwhile, the bus driver was made a witness in the case based on his version that he was unaware of what was going on in the back.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 12:09 PM PST

Karachi: An alleged murderer of almost 100 people, Ajmal aka Pahari was released from Central Jail in Karachi, a metropolitan of Pakistan, on Friday night.
Pahari, son of Manzoor Hussain was detained under Section 3 (1) of the West Pakistan Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960, since Sept 20, 2012 due to presumptuous reasons without any justification or validity.
He was arrested by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) team led by SSP Chaudhry Aslam from Orangi Town area of the city. During a video of his investigation by a joint interrogation team (JIT), he confessed that he was involved in the murder of almost 100 people across Karachi.
He further revealed that he was trained in India, a rival of Pakistan, to launch his assaults in
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) later claimed that he was their member but said that the allegations put on him were false and the JIT confession was taken through torture.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 10:50 AM PST
London: Southampton have sacked manager Nigel Adkins and replaced him with former Espanyol boss Mauricio Pochettino, the Premier League club announced Friday.
The Saints are 15th in English football’s top flight, three points above the relegation zone, after coming back from 2-0 down in a 2-2 draw away to European champions Chelsea on Wednesday.
But that was not enough to prevent south coast club Southampton sacking Adkins and replacing the Englishman with 40-year-old Argentinian Pochettino, who will take charge of training ahead of Monday’s match at home to Everton.
“This decision has been made with the long-term ambitions of Southampton Football Club in mind,” said Saints executive chairman Nicola Cortese.
“Whilst we acknowledge the contribution Nigel has made during the past two years, for the club to progress and achieve our long-term targets a change was needed.
“Mauricio is a well-respected coach of substantial quality who has gained a reputation as an astute tactician and excellent man-manager.
“I have every confidence that he will inspire our talented squad of players to perform at the highest possible level.
“He also shares my belief that the most successful clubs are built by nurturing young players through a development system that provides a clear path to the first team, thereby creating a culture that keeps them at the club for the long term.”
Pochettino, in a statement issued by Southampton, said: “This is the kind of opportunity that any coach would relish.
“Southampton is a club with great heritage, and an even more exciting future. There is a clear vision to take the club to a new era of sustained success in the Premier League, and beyond, which I’m delighted to be part of,” added Pochettino, who was himself sacked by Espanyol in November with the club bottom of La Liga.
Adkins joined Southampton from Scunthorpe in 2010 and took the Saints, then a third-tier club, into the Premier League with back-to-back promotions.
His exit comes with Southampton, who struggled at the start of the season, in the middle of an encouraging run of results which has seen them lose just twice in their last 12 league matches.
And while the timing of Adkins’s exit may have been a surprise to many fans, Southampton great Matthew Le Tissier was not taken aback to see him on his way out of St Mary’s.
“It doesn’t surprise me,” Le Tissier told Sky Sports. “It’s a strange time of the season, they’ve lost two of the last 12 games and came from 2-0 down to draw at Chelsea.
“(But) it seems to be the way the club’s being run under the chairman. Nothing’s surprising and it’s a bit of a laughing stock.”
However, the former England international was struggling to understand why Adkins had been been sacked just two days after Saints’ impressive comeback at Stamford Bridge.
“I’m shocked at the timing, it’s very strange and it’s an odd thing to come to terms with today (Friday),” Le Tissier said.
“I think he had a bit of pressure early on this season, people thought it might happen then; maybe they couldn’t get the man they wanted then. It’s all very strange.”
Pochettino, who spent the majority of his career at Espanyol, first as a player then a manager, won 20 caps as a central defender for Argentina and it was his foul on Michael Owen at the 2002 World Cup that led to David Beckham scoring a match-winning penalty for England.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 10:46 AM PST
Karachi: At-least 8 people have been killed during the past one hour in Karachi, a metropolitan of Pakistan, showing once again increase of violence.
According to reports, the killings were reported in M.A. Jinnah road, Defense View phase 2, Baldia town, Gulbahaar and Urdu Bazar areas of the city.
Sources said that unidentified motorcyclists killed at-least two persons, belonging to a seminary, in Guru Mandir area near M.A. Jinnah road.
The sources said that second incident took place in Defense View phase 2, where unknown men stormed a warehouse and killed a boy and a girl.
Moreover, unidentified miscreants killed one person in Urdu Bazar while three people were killed in different incidents in Baldia town, Gulbahar and Jamshed quarters.
The bodies were shifted to local hospitals across the city. Police and rangers have cordoned off the areas and started investigation in order to reveal the facts.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 10:21 AM PST
Moscow: The head of Russia’s Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin was Friday fighting to save his eyesight after a masked assailant threw acid on his face, in a gruesome attack the theatre linked to internal conflicts.
Filin, a former acclaimed dancer who was appointed to the post of artistic director in 2011, suffered third degree burns to the face, head and eyes late Thursday when the attacker cornered him near his house in central Moscow.
Bolshoi Theatre general director Anatoly Iksanov said doctors are battling to save Filin’s eyes, and eventually planning to fly him to a military burns hospital in Belgium for more treatment.
Russia’s Deputy Culture Minister Andrei Busygin called the crime an “attack on all Russian culture,” and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wished Filin a fast recovery, his spokeswoman Natalia Timakova said.
The Ren-TV channel showed Filin, 42, speaking in a Moscow hospital room after the attack with his face almost totally bandaged.
“I got scared, I thought, he is going to shoot me,” he said.
“I turned around to run, but he raced ahead of me,” he said. The attacker had his face in a mask and wore a hood, Filin said. “Only his eyes (were visible).”
The assailant fled the scene and no suspects have been identified so far, police said. However both police and his colleagues had little doubt that Filin was targeted because of his professional work at the Moscow theatre.

The Russian Bolshoi ballet perform at the Bahrain National Theatre in Manama, on December 9, 2012 © Bahrain Ministry of Information/AFP/File
“This is clearly tied to his professional activities,” Iksanov said.
“I really hope that the person who ordered (the attack) is found,” Iksanov added. “This person is a monster,” he told journalists at the theatre.
Filin underwent eye surgery Friday but doctors would only be able to evaluate its success in five to seven days, an aide to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, Alexei Levchenko, told RIA-Novosti.
Even if Filin’s sight is preserved, rehabilitation and plastic surgery to repair the disfigurement from third-degree burns could keep him away from work for many months, doctors said.
“Right now the main thing is saving his eyes,” Bolshoi spokeswoman Katerina Novikova told AFP.
When asked whether the attack could be linked to professional rivalries over prominent roles, she said: “What else can it be linked to? Sergei does not deal with real estate or business.”
Filin took charge of Bolshoi ballet in 2011 and is an integral part of the theatre’s recent artistic remake, turning more away from classical repertoire toward innovative and modern productions.
He has been a subject of harassment for some time: his website and email were hacked, and somebody punctured the tires on his car, Iksanov added.
The latest attack shocked the ballet community and horrified the Bolshoi troupe, whose usually impeccably-controlled stars openly wept with emotion.
“We are shocked and shaken, this is hard to fathom,” the Bolshoi’s best known current prima ballerina Svetlana Zakharova told journalists.
“Sergei is a good director, he had everything under control,” she said, her voice shaking.
One of Filin’s predecessors, Alexei Ratmansky, who left Bolshoi in 2008 and is now a choreographer at the American Ballet Theatre, said what led to the attack was the Bolshoi’s “lack of theatre ethics.”
“The tragedy with Sergei Filin is not a coincidence,” he wrote on Facebook, listing the “disgusting” practise of hiring people to applaud at performances, the theatre’s unresolved issue of ticket scalpers, and scandalous press interviews by troupe members as some of the issues plaguing the establishment.
“What happened shocks everyone, but it doesn’t surprise that many people,” Russian ballet historian Vadim Gayevsky told AFP.
Even in Soviet times, Bolshoi dancers spiked each others’ pointe shoes with crushed glass, while legendary Soviet prima ballerina Galina Ulanova received threatening letters, he said.
Filin is a popular figure said to be adored by the dancers but the Bolshoi ballet remains hugely influenced by its chief ballet master, the veteran Soviet choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, and apparently driven by internal conflict.
Male dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze, one of the Bolshoi’s most visible stars due to appearances on TV shows, had meanwhile bitterly complained of not being given enough chance to dance performances under Filin’s tenure.
The biggest public scandal on Filin’s Bolshoi watch was the late 2011 exit from the institution of its star real-life couple Ivan Vasiliev and Natalya Osipova, who left Moscow to dance at a lesser known theatre in Saint Petersburg.
In another sign of the internal troubles at the theatre, one of the dancers contending for Filin’s current post was in 2011 targeted by a porn smear scandal that effectively ruined his chances.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 10:00 AM PST

New Delhi: Former Pakistani President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Friday lashed out at Indian media for fabricating false stories against Pakistan's armed forces, forcing the channel to cut-off the program before its actual time.  
Speaking on Indian TV channel Times Now, live from London, Musharraf said that India was fabricating false stories in order to damage the image of Pakistan Army and its security agency, ISI, across the globe.
When asked by anchor why Pakistan was not acting against Lashkar-e-Taiba, Musharraf questioned as to why India was not doing anything against extremist party Shiv Sena.
"Can Indian government dare to take action against Shiv Sena," he shot back at the anchor.
Responding to a question about long march, Musharraf said that India had no right to ask about Pakistan's internal affairs.
On the claim of mutilating the body of Indian soldier by Pakistan on Line of control (LOC)by Indian anchor, the ex-army chief said, "Pakistan army did not mutilate body of any Indian soldier and it never does so."
He said India was deliberately escalating at the Line of Control. Pakistan army, he said, believes in resolving all disputes, including Kashmir, with India.
"Is this your democracy that India sent back Pakistan's hockey players and artists," he questioned?, Musharraf forcefully asked anchor of the show.
Posted: 18 Jan 2013 09:36 AM PST
Bamako: French-backed Malian troops on Friday recaptured a second town from Islamist rebels, running them out of Diabaly, about 400 kilometres (250 miles) west of Bamako, security and local sources said.
“Diabaly is freed, the Islamists have left and the French and Malian troops have entered the town,” said a member of the local municipal council. Her statement was confirmed by a regional security source.
Earlier, the Malian army wrested the key central town of Konna from Islamist rebels, as the UN warned up to a million people could be driven from their homes by fighting in coming months.
As a dramatic hostage siege unfolded in neighbouring Algeria — where Islamists took hundreds captive in a gas field to retaliate for the week-old military intervention in Mali, sparking a deadly commando raid — fighting has continued unabated on the ground in Mali.
French and Malian troops marked a victory over the rebels after days of fighting in Konna, a key town about 700 kilometres (400 miles) from the capital Bamako.
“We have wrested total control of Konna after inflicting heavy losses on the enemy,” the Malian army said in a brief statement.

French soldiers arrive with armoured vehicles in Markala, Mali, on January 17, 2013 © AFP Arnaud Roine
Colonel Didier Dakouo, head of the Malian forces based in Sevare south of Konna told AFP his troops had “crushed the enemy.” “The heaviest fighting was in Ndegue, 20 kilometres (14 miles) from Konna,” he said.
A security source said Malian soldiers were backed by French air strikes to ease their entry into the town.
After the victory in Konna, a significant boost for the embattled Malian army, French aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres stepped up calls to be allowed to deliver crucial medical aid to the area.
“Despite our repeated requests, we are still being denied access to the Konna region,” MSF operations director Malik Allaouna said in a statement.
The UN refugee agency warned fighting in the next few months could displace another 700,000 people, adding to some 350,000 already forced to flee their homes — taking the overall number of displaced over the million mark.
“We believe that in the near future there could be up to 300,000 people additionally displaced inside Mali, and over 400,000 additionally displaced in the neighbouring countries,” UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Flemming told reporters in Geneva.
Islamist rebel groups who have controlled northern Mali since April pushed south into government-held territory and seized Konna on January 10, spurring former colonial ruler France to launch a military campaign to halt their advance.
Paris says it already has 1,400 soldiers in Mali, set to increase to 2,500 troops, while regional powers have pledged some 5,800 troops for an African military force.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he would attend an emergency summit of the West African bloc ECOWAS on Saturday in the Ivory Coast city of Abidjan to accelerate the African deployment.
“I will go there with a military attache and we will see with our African friends how we can speed up the deployment of MISMA,” or the International Mission for Mali Assistance, he told AFP.
Nigeria announced Thursday it would boost its troop allotment for Mali from a planned 900 to 1,200 soldiers. A first contingent of 100 Togolese and Nigerian soldiers arrived in Mali late Thursday.

Nigerian soldiers arrive at the airport in Bamako on January 17, 2013. © AFP Issouf Sanogo
In urging the Senate to approve the deployment, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said: “our national security is under imminent threat or danger as a result of the crisis in northern Mali.”
Chad, which is not an ECOWAS member, has also promised 2,000 soldiers.
The crisis in Mali began when Tuareg separatists — boosted by weapons secured in Libya — took up arms for independence of the north last January, overwhelming the country’s under-equipped army.
In March angry soldiers overthrew the government in Bamako, and the rebel juggernaut, now joined by Islamic hardliners, toppled the north within days.
With little interest in the Tuareg desert nomads’ hopes for independence, the Islamists seeking strict sharia law pushed their erstwhile allies aside several months later, assuming full control of the zone.
The Malian conflict was unfolding in parallel to a fast-moving hostage crisis in Algeria, where Islamists were still holding an undetermined number of foreign hostages at a remote gas field Friday, as criticism mounted of Algiers’ decision to launch a deadly rescue bid at the site.