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Farm Mania 2 Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Do you want to take up farming? Then don't miss your chance! Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories  it's all waiting for you in Farm Mania 2 Anna has gotten married to a strong and charming farmer Bob! Now you can help them to make all their dreams come true in this fun Time Management game  Join Anna in her bustling new venture with this lively Time Management sequel. Raise a huge variety of animals and crops in over 60 exciting levels. Purchase incredible upgrades and unlock helpful new skills. Try your luck with entertaining Hidden Object mini games. Enjoy hours of fun with Arcade and Casual playing modes.
System= Pentium III, CPU 1.0 GHz
RAM= 256 MB
Video Memory= 64 MB
Size= 75.7 MB
OS= Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8

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uTorrent Turbo Accelerator 2.6 is a newly added software in the family of the popular p2p client uTorrent plug-ins. The highly developed architecture behind this app allows you to download movies, music, games and other files you want at the highest possible speed. With uTorrent Turbo Accelerator not only the bandwidth of your Internet connection is managed noticeably with more efficiency but you will have the advantage of locating more sources to download from.
If uTorrent is your client of choice than uTorrent Turbo Accelerator should be your add-on of choice: it's that good. Let's admit it: whatever the speed of your download, you'll always crave for just a bit more. uTorrent Turbo Accelerator is just that bit. The program enhances uTorrent's download features; though powerful, it remains unobtrusive with regard to other activities you might conduct on your PC so you won't be bothered by it nor will it eat up your resources, so again rest assured. Once it's running all you have to do is…let it do its job. You'll be presented with detailed information about the status of your downloads.
uTorrent Turbo Booster proves to be not only functional and intuitive but also coquettish. It offers a cool simple interface which will find a fan in any user (advanced or novice). The program has NO ads, adware, spyware, Trojans or any other malware incorporated!

These are uTorrent Turbo Accelerator's main characteristics:
Nice looking user friendly interface
Automatically resumes paused downloads
Configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start up
Finished and invalid files are cleaned automatically
Allows finding multiple sources at user specified intervals
Clean and free, doesn't include any adware or spyware
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Gun Game is a Revisionist Western themed video game developed by Neversoft, and published by Activision for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. The game was released in North America on November 17, 2005, and during mid to late-November in Europe. Since October 13, 2006, the game has been available to buy on Steam.The PlayStation Portable version, released on October 10, 2006, under the title, Gun: Showdown, features new side missions, a multiplayer mode, and other additions that were not available in the console versions.

System= Pentium 4 CPU 1.4 GHz
RAM= 256 MB
Video Memory= 64 MB
OS= Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8

Download and Extract with WinRAR
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Run _Unpak File and Install Game

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ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate 7 is an easy to use program that lets you edit and convert video, audio, and animated images. Its key feature includes the creation of a 3D video from a normal video. ImTOO Video Converter is the best video converter software to convert between HD videos: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD (*.m2ts, *.mts), MKV, HD WMV, MPEG2/MPEG-4 TS HD, convert videos from HD to SD, convert between various general video formats: AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, DivX, H.264/AVC, and extract audio and pictures from videos. Even create a video from pictures further with flexible merging/clipping/editing/splitting features.
High Definition (HD) video encoding and decoding makes it possible to get stunning High-Definition videos for HD video players. ImTOO Video Converter can turn any video/music file to be played on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Google Android phones, PSP, PS3, NDS, Wii, BlackBerry phone, iRiver, Creative Zen and other multimedia devices.

Convert video and audio for multimedia devices:
iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PSP
PS3, NDS, Wii, BlackBerry, iRiver, Creative Zen...
Convert between AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4,
MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, etc.
High-Definition (HD) video encoding and decoding.
Convert 2D videos to 3D videos automatically.
Extract audio from video: MP3, WMA, WAV, RA,
M4A. Convert between various audio formats.
Extract pictures and create video from pictures.
Merge videos/pictures with fun transitions, or clip
videos to convert desired part.
Multiple video effects provided for personalization.

Key Features
Newly support iPad and Google Android phones: Nexus One, HTC Hero, HTC G2 Magic, HTC Tattoo, Motorola Droid, Motorola CLIQ, Samsung i7500
Support video format taken from all kind of DVs.
With simple video editor, can process cutting, division and combination easily.
Allows you to transfer the converted files to iPod, iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, iPad or PSP directly after conversion.
Supports multi-core CPU processing to perform tasks with the highest speed possible; core number can be customized accordingly.
Add multiple audio tracks and subtitle files (ASS, SSA and SRT) to enrich your videos.
Crop the image frame of your video to retain what you want.
Adjust the brightness/saturation/contrast of your videos, and add artistic effects like "Old Film", "Gray", "Line Drawing", etc.
Insert video/picture/text watermarks to your videos to mark them as your own.
Preview a video with different effects applied or compare the original video with the edited version in real-time.
Comes with optimized conversion profiles classified by device type so you can easily find the most suitable conversion solution for your device.
Split a large file into several smaller ones according to split duration or size.
Set different output formats for the same file and converted it into various formats in one go.
Specify the output file size and calculate the corresponding bit rate in an instant with the built-in Bitrate Calculator.
Offers a range of adjustable parameters: video, audio, picture, tag and expert.
Convert multiple files simultaneously with multithreading and batch processing.
Powered with ATI-Stream and NVIDIA-CUDA GPU acceleration technology to get big performance improvement in video conversion process.
Run the application in the background to free up CPU resources for running other applications.
Preset a post conversion action and the application will automatically perform the desired action after completing a task: shut down, hibernation, stand by; exit application
Rename files in batches; view file properties; automatic software update checking; multiple language interfaces and skins to choose from.
System= Pentium 4 CPU 1.4 GHz
RAM= 512 MB
OS= Windows XP, Vista,7 and Windows 8

1. Download and Extract win WinRAR
2. Password= www.muhammadniaz.net
3. Install Program.
4. Register with given key with any name.
5. Done, Enjoy

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E-Learning Technologies and Tools
Sayyed Danyal Alliy, Hammad Aslam
Bs080401532, Bc080400574

E-learning Technology and tools is nowadays becoming more and more popular. They are becoming more popular because they allow people to teach themselves through the use of computers and internet. This technology is now becoming more and more convenient for people around the world.

E-learning is the process in which people can learn certain subjects or courses through the use of computers using the internet. The internet has made the world now a global village and community. These subjects which are offered from institutes and universities can be learnt through websites that are hosting video services, and online library tools.
    Now a person doesn't have to travel long distances to train or teach themselves. The E-learning technology and tools help educate people across the globe, despite their geographic location. The students can learn by their own pace and convenient time periods. The students who also do part time jobs can also enjoy studying online and teaching themselves. As they have to manage their time for studies and their jobs as well.  The students who study in e-learning environments don't have to be attending college or university regularly, as their assignments, quizzes are held online. They are informed through online announcements which are sent through e-mail and also through the online learning management system they are using. Final papers and Midterm papers are also held online, and students have to sometimes go to special centers to appear in their exams. The students are given usernames and passwords to login there papers and they are also given similar usernames and passwords to login in their learning management systems. International students and some domestic students, who don't testing centers for examination, are provided by I.T department a special software application that allows the students to connect to the main server for examination with a username and password.
     Students who have questions or who seek help for solving assignments are provided with teacher and student special forums, where teachers can reply to student questions and similar queries.

Related work
There exist a number of E-learning tools and technologies. Now you can learn and take classes online, by using computers, laptops, ipads, and even from mobiles or smart phones. One of the biggest e-learning environments is the virtual university of Pakistan's LMS (Learning Management System). LMS is fully virtual and every student of virtual university of Pakistan can watch lecture videos, read handouts, discuss topics with instructors, see lecture schedule online. The virtual university of Pakistan's open courseware is one of the biggest online free course lectures store where everyone can get handouts related to him. In LMS we have to enter our id and password to access the learning management system. It uses efficient and powerful algorithms and procedures to protect the website. LMS and virtual university open courseware are not just the e-learning tools but there exist many other tools and technologies. Radio is also a great source of e-learning. Virtual university of Pakistan's also provide e-learning audio lectures through radio channels. These broadcasts are free to listen. In television virtual university broadcasts 4 channels that broadcast lectures of courses. These channels are also free. Not only students but everyone can tune these channels and can watch these channels to learn. Virtual university uses various e-learning tools and technologies to provide education to learners. These tools and technologies are radio, television, internet, videos, softcopy handouts, video calls and chats etc. By using Skype students can talk to instructors to discuss issues of related subject. It doesn't matter where they live. They can talk from anywhere in the world. Virtual university also provides lecture CD's not only to its students but anyone who wants to learn. These CD's are of very low price and one can order them virtually through internet. Virtual university hosts its video lecture free of cost on YouTube. Anyone having access to internet can watch these lectures and can download them for offline viewing. Students and any other person around the world can order CD's, DVD's and handouts from the online bookshop of Virtual University of Pakistan at very reasonable prices. Now we don't have to walk to bookshops to buy books and CD's. Handouts are also available free of cost at Virtual University of Pakistan's Open Courseware website. By using radio, one can listen to lectures of any course. The schedule of these broadcasts is available at the LMS website. So e-learning has opened new ways of getting education. It seems that in future there will be no classes but virtual classes. Student attends these classes by sitting at home. E-learning technologies and tools made it easy for everyone to get education from anywhere.

Problem statement
LMS (Learning Management System Model)
I choose the LMS as problem statement to discuss it. LMS of virtual university of Pakistan is a web application that allows students to get education virtually. As every technology has some disadvantages, e-learning also suffered from some disadvantages. Take the example of LMS which I have discussed above. First issue that I have figured out in LMS of virtual university of Pakistan is that there is no face to face interaction between students and teachers. This is one of the biggest problems of e-learning. To interact with the teacher student has to use the e-mail. This isn't an instant answering system and takes more than a day to get a reply from instructor. Also there are no classes where students can meet their friends and discuss course related issues. Normally e-learners use forms to interact and chat with friends. The students of virtual university of Pakistan do the same to interact with other students. There should be some video conferencing system so that teachers and students can discuss course related issues with teachers and students. As everything like submitting assignments, attempting quizzes, participating in GDBs etc are all done through internet. Any issue with internet can cause student difficulty in participating and using e-learning. Internet speed is also a problem faced by e-learners. Many students of virtual university of Pakistan have low speed internet. They have a great difficulty in attempting online quizzes, submitting assignments, discussing graded discussion boards.  Many students of virtual university of Pakistan have low speed internet. They have a great difficulty in attempting online quizzes, submitting assignments, discussing graded discussion boards.

Proposed Solution:
Well there is always hope in the field of I.T. As now we have the ability to use IP phones and VoIP services. We now can use software's that support VoIP for video and voice communication. One of the most used VoIP software that is used worldwide today is Skype. So, I believe to improve the interaction and communication between students and teachers can be solved using these software's that support VoIP (like Skype). The universities that offer e-learning should also provide classrooms and an environment where students can meet at campus to discuss and share their ideas between each other. E-learning Universities should also provide students with events in which students can participate and compete with other university students as well. These events should include sports events, funfair events, concert events, programming, gaming and debating contests. There should also be trips that should be organized by Virtual University of Pakistan for its students.
Results and discussions:
There are plenty of solutions available for learners. These can be messengers, online libraries etc. Hence I.T is one of the most attractive ways of getting education now-a-days. So e-learning provides various advantages. It can be used to schedule classes and class work. Travel cost is reduced because we don't have to walk to colleges and universities. Student can search study material from various sources available on internet and can select material relevant to their knowledge. We can join boards and bulletins to join discussions and to ask study related questions. Students can chat and even talk with their classmates and with their teachers to discuss matters. So the result of the problem is that virtual university of Pakistan's LMS (Learning Management System) provides all tools that are necessary for e-learning and provides attractive services to students. The tools which LMS provides are chat service, email service so that students can send and receive emails from their instructors and from their classmates, file upload facility to submit their assignments and other research etc. The proposed solution Skype for easy communication between students and teachers is very powerful tool for e-learning. Through this tool we can arrange video conferences between students and teachers to convert it into a virtual class room where students can talk and ask questions with teachers and can talk to other students. Also teachers can also use video calling to judge the impression of their teaching and its effect on students. Skype also allows file sending which allows students to send files and research papers to teachers and o students. The screen sharing feature is also a powerful tool which can be used to monitor student's screens while doing papers and quizzes. This tool is commonly used for overseas papers. 

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