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In family influence behavioral problems presented by children within the school environment De San Cristobal

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SAN CRISTOBAL - Tachira FAMILY INFLUENCE OF BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS PRESENTED BY CHILDREN UNDER THE SCOPE OF SAN CRISTOBAL SCHOOL NAME: RAFAEL A . APECHIDOS: G. BRICEÑO CI: 19598711 SAN CRISTOBAL, OCTOBER 2011 THE PROBLEM Problem Statement Man uses communication to express ideas and feelings to others, themselves understood and thus able to live in harmony with the surrounding people. In this regard, one of the environments where communication plays a fundamental role is the family atmosphere, there is an opening in this information exchange involving positives among family members, according to their feelings, what they do and wish. To Herrera (1997), family communication is the "exchange of information and energy that tends to conservation and the evolution of household with ability to adapt and change before the crisis." In fact, there must be rules and roles for conflict resolution, so that there feelings and thoughts based on the common good within the family. In functional communication, Satir (1984) states that one should "evaluate and appreciate the love and trust between the family group "and this is, made ​​up of parents and children and extended family, which, although it plays a secondary role is in the formation of the first. Children who come from families such as have certain characteristics: good body development, children are confident, use their own resources, therefore, can become independent and their behavior is appropriate. Functional communication leads to an awareness ... [continued]


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