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Due anti-Islamic videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and people should follow Govt’s act and do not access the blocked video site, but in extreme wee have to use it.
I’ll describe a very simple method to access the YouTube in Pakistan
We will be using Proxy software to open the YouTube, There are few popular software that gives free service for that purpose, few of them are:
Download  & Install one of Software Below:

All you need to do install any of these software and start surfing blocked site :)
Always remember to start or connect the software to work properly and Firefox may cause problems, Chrome and Internet Explorer are perfectly suitable.
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How to Access/Unblock Youtube Website in Pakistan?

Due to a blaspheme anti-Islamic video; Youtube was blocked byPTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) on 18th of September, 2012. The decision was taken in order to protest against that video and to not access the video in Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan's government request was denied by Google for removal of that video. Google's statement was that, the company is not yet registered in Pakistan; therefore, Pakistani lows can not be followed by Google. Though, the video was blocked in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Libya where Google is registered and follow the local lows. 

And thus, Pakistan's prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf ordered PTA to block the entire youtube website in Pakistan. And the ordered was also made by the Supreme court of Pakistan. From 19th September onwards, Youtube is not accessible in Pakistan. As all of you know, OnlineUstaad.com is a video tutorials based blog. Where hundreds of tutorials have been published with text articles along. And mostly our visitors are from Pakistan. Our visitors don't have access to the tutorials since the 19 September. Many of OnlineUstaad.com's readers asked me how to access the video tutorials of our blog. Now to take out the solution for this issue, I am going to share a software with you, which you can use to access youtube in Pakistan and also you can access those websites which are blocked in Pakistan. But remember, this is a temporary solution for this issue.

How to Access Youtube in Pakistan? 

There are many software and tricks which can be used for accessing Youtube and other blocked websites in Pakistan. Mostly they are Proxy software which hide your IP. But sometimes, security issues arise while using a proxy software; they may transfer your personal data to their servers. But the software [Ultra Surf] which is shared here is the best among all and it secures everything for you. It doesn't show your identity to anyone. So this is the best solution for using YouTube in Pakistan when it is blocked. I'm using it myself and it is recommended to you to.

Download and Install Ultra Surf

This software is very small in size and can be downloaded within seconds. So just download it by clicking clicking the link: Download Ultra Surf  

Remember, only download the ZIP version and after downloading extract the ZIP file. And you don't need to install this software on your PC. Just open it and Internet Explorer will also start along with it. So, if you are using Chrome or Firefox then close Internet Explorer and use your desired browser. But don't close the software until you use YouTube. You can minimize it.

This trick was shared because of a huge number of requests from our readers and visitors who were asking for accessing our video tutorials on YouTube. So if you have further questions then leave a comment below the post. 

Two more tricks are here for using youtube in Pakistan, the one is just enter youtube URL in your browser's address bar like this: https://youtube.com and YouTube will open safely, also you can use Spotflux software to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. Just visit Spotflux.com and download the software for free.

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