0 Sex Dreams: I Develops Sweating And Increased Heart Beat

i have a strange problem.. im shy to tell anyone, i found your site helpful so im posting here.. im 28 unmarried.. here's my problem..
I have this dream 2-3 times every week sometimes more than that.. i see in dream that someone is having sex with me, i can't see it clearly.. but when i awaked.. my body full of sweating, im like burning.. my heartbeat very high.. i also found my secret wet... then need to take bath with cold water to calm my body.. mostly it happens in the middle of night.. coz of this my sleep also disturbed.. to me its very serious... same thing happened when i do masturbating.. even after losing my body still burning.. full of sweating.. i have to dring cold water then take cold bath after that it takes some time befor i get normal again..
please tell me why this happens again and again, i really want to get rid of it.. now its effecting my mind too.. please reply me... 
only serious replies... and please post replies in english.. i can't read your language..


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