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That Instagram Taco Bell Commercial Isn't Part Of Its Business Model

Beloved phone camera app Instagram sure had a tumultuous week before Christmas, when a change in the wording of its terms of service caused the Internet to... read more

Twitter Is Already Winning The Social TV War, But It Will Soon Do More

Twitter is reaching out to TV producers and showrunners to find out ways that it can further integrate with the TV experience. That could mean Twitter-based...read more

Inside Snapchat, The Little Photo-Sharing App That Launched A Sexting Scare

It started with an assumption, really. Snapchat, a photo-sharing application that auto-destroys images seconds after being opened, launched in September 2011... read more

Developing That Connected Space Between The Cloud And Everything Else

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Amazon Pulls Self-Published Memoir About Star Wars Because It References "Star Wars"

After months of selling a self-published memoir about the effect Star Wars has had on his life, author Gib Van Ert found that Amazon has pulled the title... read more

In Mexico, Tech Is Used To Help Combat Narco Violence, Insecurity

Google has been used for many ends, but in the hands of researcher Viridiana Rios, the search engine has become a tool to fight Mexican drug cartels and help... read more

Samsung Seeks U.S. Sales Ban On Some Ericsson Products As The Two Continue Wrangling Over Patents

The patents war between Samsung Electronics and Ericsson rolls on. The Korean electronics company has announced that it filed a complaint last week against the... read more

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