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Victoria Secret fashion show 2012

It's the end of the year and time for what is possibly the sexiest fashion night on television - the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. We would be kidding ourselves if we said this was just a regular fashion show.
Mix fantasy with fashion and a dose of sexiness to come up with leggy runway models/angels showcasing the latest in glittery underwear. For those who wonder what the secret is, Victoria will defnitely be spilling it all tonight.
Tonight's show features gorgeous models, ridiculously expensive underwear featuring diamonds, glitter and wings. Whether or not your daily bedtime routine involves angel wings, diamond bras or six inch heels is not the point. The point is that somewhere tonight, in between the blackberry and the ice cream, women everywhere are going to be subjected to someone's fantasy and another's heightened insecurity - the perfectly oiled, coiffed, lingerie model on the Victoria's Secret fashion runway. Where else do women wear heavy wings, high heels and barely there underwear? If you do this regularly, then don't respond.
Tonight's show features singers, including Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber and Rihanna; and of course, the angels, including Cameron Russell, Mirander Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambriosio and many others. With themes from dangerous liasons to the circus and old world Hollywood glam, there is something for everyone; well, maybe not everyone.
Tonight's sexy spectacle promises to be another spectacular night of sexy lingerie fashion. And we will be watching of course. Only Victoria's Secret can make an overdose of glitter and rhinestones make sense on underwear. Someone had too much fun with the glue gun.
The show, which was filmed in November, airs live tonight Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 10/9c on CBS.
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