0 Top Stories of the Day // December 28, 2012

Darrell Etherington
Early Apple Computer And Tablet Designs Reveal The iMac And iPad That Might Have Been
Apple worked closely with Frogdesign during the eighties, creating Apple's early design language and charting the visual path of Apple computers from the Apple... read more

Matt Burns
Kim Dotcom To Host Mega's Launch Event At His New Mega Zealand Mansion Next Month
Kim Dotcom doesn't do things small. The man behind the Megaupload empire is about to launch his next service dubbed simply Mega. But don't expect a simple press... read more

Darrell Etherington
OUYA Ships 1,200 Development Consoles, Shows Off Its Pre-Release Android Gaming Hardware On Video
OUYA, the Android-based affordable gaming console that inspired a wide range of reaction from tech watchers and gamers alike when it debuted on Kickstarter back... read more

Ingrid Lunden
Apple's $160K Copyright Fine In China Is A Pittance, But Could It Open The Door For Further Claims?
read more

Darrell Etherington
Raspberry Pi Hack Turns The Ultra-Affordable Computer Into An AirPlay Receiver
What can't the Raspberry Pi do? Well, it definitely can operate as an AirPlay receiver for Apple's Wi-Fi audio streaming protocol, it turns out. Cambridge... read more

Ingrid Lunden
Instagram Sees Drop Of 4M Daily Facebook Connected Users Over Christmas, But TOS Kerfuffle May Not Be To Blame
Sure, it's not unlike the New York Post to be sensationalist. But in this case in misinterpreted data to suggest Instagram was hit harder by backlash to its... read more

Darrell Etherington
When Kickstarter Delivers: Thanks To Simple, Effective Design, Supr's Slim Wallet Exceeds Expectations
I've backed an embarrassing amount of Kickstarter projects, almost all of them in the hardware/gadget categories, and I've been disappointed more than I've been... read more

Natasha Starkell
The Social Gift-Giving Wars — Which One Looked Best For The Holiday Season?
With the holiday season upon us, let's take a look at some of the gift-giving services and how well they work, writes contributor Natasha Starkell.... read more

Catherine Shu
Silvercar Launches Its Simplified Vehicle Rental Service At Dallas/Fort Worth
Silvercar has announced that its airport-based car rental service will debut on January 14, 2013 for travelers visiting Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport,... read more

Catherine Shu
HP Confirms Federal Investigation Of Autonomy's Alleged Fraud In Its Annual Report
HP has confirmed that the U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation stemming from the Palo Alto company's allegations that it uncovered widespread... read more


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